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Club Committees

Our club is committee-driven

Soroptimist International of Tahoe Sierra is a committee-driven organization. Members are asked to join a Service and a Technical Committee of choice upon gaining membership. All monies donated to the club are allocated to the service fund. Donated funds go back directly into the community and global projects that are the Soroptimist mission of  what is “best for women and children.”

Our Service Funds are raised annually through our single fundraiser, Elegant Evening held in the Spring. All money raised goes directly into providing programs and assistance for women and youth in our community and the world. Club projects are determined annually with data collected and shared from local agencies, school, hospitals, and city service personnel.

Service Committees – What we do

Awards Committee: Our goal is to provide recognition and financial support for youth and women who are working to better their lives and those in their community. View our Awards Committee video here! 

  • G.I.V.E (Girls Into Volunteer Experiences) Award This award is to recognize and honor young women grades 8- 12  for their volunteer action in their community or in school.  There are no restrictions on the type of activity.
  • Live Your Dream Award:  (Formally, Women’s Opportunity Award)For women who are heads of households, returning to school or work and need financial support or assistance. This is a signature project that begins at the local club level, allowing winners to advance to regional and federation levels.
  • Ruby Award: Recognition of a community member for Women helping Women through their professional or personal activities.These women have identified and focused on a need in their communities which has significantly contributed to the improvement of women and girls’ lives.=

Dream It, Be It:  is Career Support for Girls. It gives girls the tools they need to achieve their education and career goals, empowering them to break cycles of poverty, violence, and abuse.  Although all girls face barriers because of their gender, we prioritize working with girls who have additional obstacles including poverty, unstable home lives, living in foster care, or teen motherhood. Soroptimist clubs work in partnership with girls in small groups or a conference setting to provide them with the information and resources they want and need to be successful.

Education & Economic Development Committee: Our goal is to provide educational and financial opportunities to better the lives of women and youth in our community.  View our Education & Economic Development Video here! 

Elegant Evening Committee:  Each year our club conducts one major fundraiser by which we fund all of our service projects. Elegant Evening is an event held in the spring and provides guests with a full evening of food, dancing and friendship. All members are involved in the procurement of items for the auctions but also as participants in the evening’s event. We raise funds while providing a sense of community for all.

Healthy Women / Healthy World Committee:  Our purpose is to promote programs to implement Soroptimist goals to physical, mental, and emotional health. We provide action to improve our environment, to conserve our natural resources, and to plan projects within the community relating to parks and nature.  View our Healthy Women/Healthy World Committee video here!

One Voice Committee: Our goal is to support anti-trafficking efforts in alignment with Soroptimist International of the Americas, Federation and Region goals. View our One Voice Committee video here!

  • We specifically support the following endeavors
    • Zawadisha Fund: The Zawadisha Fund is a Lake Tahoe based non-profit specializing in intelligent micro-lending for women in East Africa. Their mission is to empower, entrust and expand opportunities for women. Zawadisha accomplishes this through small businesses loans, education, savings matches, and preventative healthcare.
      Learn more and sign up for their newsletter at www.zawadisha.org. Stay connected on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Zawadisha and follow Zawadisha on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Zawadisha.
    • Kellermann Foundation: An organization working towards the sustainable development, health, education, and spiritual outreach for the benefit of the Batwa pygmies and adjacent communities.
    • The Dolphin Project: Zawadisha is honored to partner with the grassroots and social justice organization Dolphin Anti-Rape & AIDS Control Outreach to provide life-saving violence prevention and HIV/AIDS education to our loan participants and their children. Winnie Anyango founded Dolphin in 1998 in recognition that violence against women is a matter of life or death, as rape and the transmission of HIV are intrinsically linked. Dolphin has empowered more than 1 million individuals in the greater Nairobi area.
    • Anti-human trafficking efforts through Soroptimist International.
    • Disaster Relief:  Monies are provided to schools affected by natural disasters.
    • AwakenAwaken is a local faith-based non-profit organization whose mission is to increase awareness and education surrounding the issue of commercial sexual exploitation and to provide housing and restoration for its victims.
    • St. Josephs Land Trust- a South Lake Tahoe Community program to develop/improve low income housing.  Our contributions are directed to move families from homeless category to an apartment.
    • Conduit for support of SI President’s Appeal.  This year that is a Women and a Water.

Middle School Projects Committee:  This committee focuses on areas for growth for youth in grades 6-8.  These years are pivotal as students transition from being “little kids” to adolescents.  We support growth of skills in self-awareness, leadership, identifying others who have special needs (safety, access to food & housing), and developing skills to make a difference.  MSP supports STMS youth by:

  • Sending girls to a REACH for the Future Leadership Conference
  • Volunteering for STMS Challenge Day
  • Funding equipment, materials for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) at STMS and registration for LTCC Summer STEM camps
  • Sponsoring girls to attend UCDavis Tech Trek
  • Support a new interactive program Tools Not Rules, focusing on making good decisions
  • Additional school support as needed

Youth Enrichment & Scholarships (YES) Committee: Our goal is to support the accomplishments of youth, to enrich their lives and their opportunities. View our Youth Enrichment & Scholarships Committee video here! We work with the schools in conducting:

  • Scholarships:  Our club supports a variety of scholarships for academic and also exceptional effort.
  1. Academic Scholarship for Seniors at STHS, George Whittell , Mt. Tallac, and the Young Parents Program submit applications in the Spring.  Applications are supplied to students by schools at their sites and are evaluated by committee members based on grades, activities, community service and financial need.
  2. Efforts are recognized through our “Most Improved Student” at the middle and high school levels in addition to the Rothschild Scholarship awarded through the Joy Rothschild endowment.
  3. A monthly superstar Student Award is given to a student at Mt. Tallac School to recognize  academics, attitude, and achievement.

Technical Committees – How we get it done

In order for “effective service” to occur, you must have mechanisms in place. It is through our Technical Committees that the business of Soroptimist occurs. Our members use their time and talents to get the job done. Our Technical Committees include:

  • Public Relations: Updates the club calendar and works with local media to increase the public’s awareness of SITS projects, programs, and events.
  • Attendance/Roster: Sets up entry table at weekly meetings, greets members, collects and maintains records of dues and attendance, and updates our club’s roster.
  • Hospitality/Breakfast/AV:  Assists with setting up weekly breakfast items, supplies, and coordinates special celebrations held to carry out our programs.  Assists with set up of AV equipment for meetings.
  • Communications:  Produces and distributes the weekly e-newsletter, maintenance of our club’s website, and oversees the club’s email account and online document storage.
  • Finance:  Reviews the club’s budgets, conducts the annual audit of our financial accounts, and recommends policy and/or procedure change to the board. Enters new members to the SIA website and maintains the club’s official roster with SIA.
  • Recruitment/Retention:  Builds and retains club membership through public awareness and social gatherings.  Maintains the supply of business cards, banners, signs and posters for promotion of our club.
  • Programs:  Assists the President Elect in procuring speakers for our weekly club meetings.  Contacts the speakers to remind them of their date and gathers background information in order to introduce them to our members.
  • Cultural/Social:  Plans socials that will promote friendship and contribute to the camaraderie and general good feeling of our members.
  • Publicity : Increases public awareness of SITS projects, program and events.  Posts on the SITS Facebook, updates local media calendars, coordinates efforts to promote club activities in all media outlets, and works with the Elegant Evening Chairs in the promotion of our event. .


In our club there is something for everyone.  We challenge our ladies not only to use their talents, but to venture into new committees each year for their personal growth.

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