Bread and Broth, Adopt a Meal!

by | Jan 31, 2023 | 2022-2023, Our Activities

What happens when SITS Members, Lasagna Love, and Bread & Broth all collide? Wonderful things for everyone, of course! SITS has adopted two separate Bread & Broth evenings and we assisted by being servers for the Jan. 30th Bread & Broth.

Lasagna Love is another one of those brilliant “ideas” just started from the heart and mind of ONE person that is now sweeping the world with kindness. Seriously, the world!

Everyone can be involved in Lasagna Love in one way or another. Several of our members are crew for the international group, Lasagna Love. This movement is feeding those who could use a delicious hug and reminder that “they are important” . Do you know someone who could use a lasagna?? That single mom with kids, an individual on their own and elderly? Someone which a recent loss? They can order for themselves or you can nominate them here!

Lasagna Love has people all over the world who volunteer in one way of another. YOUR local area probably has a division but it not, create one! Check the websites of both organizations and become involved in your community.