Leon Malmed, Holocaust Survivor

by | Feb 25, 2018 | 2017-2018, Our Activities

February 22, 2018

 Today we were honored to have with us Leon Malmed, author of “We Survived.., At Last I speak”. Leon Malmed is a Holocaust Survivor. He was born in France in the town of Compiègne in 1937. Compiègne was the site of the railroad car where the 1st World War Armistice was signed and it was here that Hitler bombed with vengeance in WWII because of that.  Leon shared with us the true story of his and his sister Rachel’s escape from the Holocaust in Occupied France.  So painful were his memories that he could not speak about the war era for more than sixty years. At the age of 70, he decided, at last, to write the testimony of how he survived the war and its aftermath and to share his experience with all that would listen. During WWII, 72 million people died; 291,000 American soldiers died and 678,000 were wounded yet there are people today that still say the Holocaust didn’t occur. It’s important that we still discuss the atrocities done to people, that we recognize that these occurrences still go on today and that we don’t let people forget. You can explore his book by clicking here.