Elegant Evening 2021 – An online experience!

by | Apr 25, 2021 | 2020-2021, Our Activities

This year marks the 32nd Annual Elegant Evening event for our club. Due to COVID, we knew we needed to adjust our delivery as the needs in our community remained the same. We gathered some of the finest talent  here in Tahoe and a few other friends and worked with Tahoe Production House to create a family-friendly, fun-filled online broadcast to present some much needed fun but also to share with our community all that our club represents. The result was an excellent show along with some mighty-fine fundraising! We are so grateful to the many talents who brought our event to life, to our excellent sponsors, to our donors, our club members and to all of YOU! Together we enhance the lives of women and youth in our community and the world!  Thank you to Trey Stone, Carolyn Dolan, Ike & Martin, Darren Senn, Tori Martin, Jennifer Jo Cobb, Jakota Wass, The Conner Party, the Marcia Sarosik Dancers and to magician Joel Ward! You are all so very generous!