Annual Retreat Gives All Members Input

by | Aug 2, 2018 | 2018-2019, Our Activities

The all member annual retreat was held on July 21 and everyone was given a chance to express views about what our club goals should be for the coming year.  It was a very productive yet personal gathering where we shared our thoughts and dreams.  Some of the goals that were agreed upon were:  Provide funds for the required background check on all members working with children; Plan a club social once a month and invite a friend; Provide a seasoned mentor for all new members to help them learn the ropes; Develop an information/invitation card for guests and prospective members; Implement the Dream It! Be It! program for girls with 100% club participation, Support challenge Day for STMS and possibly STHS.  Committees were also given time to meet and discuss goals for the coming year.  Of course the day ended with a potluck lunch and social time.  Thanks to all who attended and gave their input!