Sugar Pine Foundation

by | Mar 30, 2018 | 2017-2018, Our Activities

March 29, 2018
We were pleased to welcome Executive Director of the Sugar Pine Foundation, Maria Mircheva, her two children Max and Sasha, and Jenny Cribbs the Program Manager to today’s meeting.  The SPF’s restoration strategy is providing for healthy and productive trees so that future generations will continue to enjoy their beauty and benefits. SPF identifies trees for their resistance capabilities. They then harvest seeds from those particular trees. Did you know that each cone has approximately 100 seeds in it. Each year they gather from our tree tops, 20 lbs of seeds! They then grow seedlings from these seeds and together with the public, they take this more resistant strain of tree and plant them in the restoration areas. These trees are monitored and cared for. They in turn are the apex of the education that the SPF provides in working with our K – 12 students through their environmental education.  Learn more at the Sugar Pine Foundation.