Scholarship Breakfast

by | May 14, 2015 | 2014-2015


This is one of our favorite events of the year as it focuses on our youth.  Today we will celebrate student achievements as friends, family, and members gather to congratulate individual accomplishments made by our future generation.

Rudy Hernandez-Mata – Whittell High School Scholarship. He has maintained 4.1 GPA while being involved in leadership, athletics and working 28 hours a week. He plans a careein in law inforcement ant then law school. Rudy was not able to attend as he is at a state track meet.

  • Alex Gilles Whitmore – Mt Tallac Scholarship. She  will be graduating a year early and is starting her college career by taking classes at LTCC while finishing her credits at Mt Tallac.
  • Andrianna Aguila – Mt Tallac Scholarship  Adrianna graduated in December 2014 and now attends LTCC.  She has been very active in Teen Court.
  • Christian Reyes Montiel – Mt Tallac Joy Rothschild Memorial . Christian is on the fast track to completing his education. He has complete 60 credits in a semester when the expectation is 20 credits per semester.
  • Travis Perrine – Mt Tallac Joy Rothschild Memorial .Travis was not present as he graduated early and is in San Diego working while he pursues his certification as an EMT.
  • Nikita Gorman – Young Parent Program Scholarship Nikita graduated early and is planning a career in nursing or design.Nikita introduced her 1 month old son when she accepted her award
  • Ana Amaro – Young Parent Program Scholarship  Ana attends Mt Tallac with her 2 1/2 year old daughter. She is an active advocate for education and offers encouragement and support to others in the program. She hopes to become a child advocate and counselor.
  • Dalton Daggs – South Lake Tahoe HS Scholarship Dalton described himself in his application as a “Doer, Leader and Go Getter”. He has a wide variety of interests, is activity in his community and likes to make perple feel better.
  • Lindsey Herring – South Lake Tahoe HS Scholarship Lindsey had several words to describe herself among which were cheerleader and fashionista. She plans to be a biologist specializing in insects and will be attending Sacramento State.
  • Trinity Marino-Latella – South Lake Tahoe HS Scholarship  Trinity will be the first in her family to attend college.  She has been active in many community services.She is heading to San Diego State to major in Neuroscience.  Her goal is to become a surgeon and/or a researcher.
  • Jomae Santos – South Lake Tahoe HS Scholarship
  • Jomae is very active in Live Violence Free and is willing to take on any responsibility.  She plans to attend SF State or UCD to pursue her interest in social justice.
  • Teresa Teroceloti – South Lake Tahoe HS Scholarship Teresa has maintained a 3.6 GPA while taking many AP classes along with active involvement in many school and community activities. She will be heading to UC Santa Cruz as she works towards her goal of a career in medicine or scientific research.
most improvedAll of these students have made great strides in their educational progress.  For some it require changes in behavior, attitudes and attendance. All of us in SITS are very proud of them as are their parents and teachers.
South Lake Tahoe Middle School 8th grade
Nevaeh Reed
Thomas Burgess
Whittell 8th grade
Isaiah Womack
Whittell High School Senior
JC Navarte
South Lake Tahoe High School Senior
Abishay Rosales
Christian Bernal Ruiz