Annual Student Writing Festival

by | Mar 12, 2015 | 2014-2015

What a special way to begin a morning. We  celebrated our youth from South Tahoe Middle School and their writing through our Annual Writing Festival.  The STMS language arts department  prepares writing prompts for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  Upon completion, the teachers conduct the initial evaluation and then pass the best writing entries along to our Soroptimist Writing Festival Judges.  The judges read and rate each of the writing entries submitted and pare down the entries to  determine a first, second and third place winner each of the grade levels. In addition a winning composition is selected from our Honors Classes. It is a wonderful morning to celebrate the writing of these students, to hear their essays, and to give them each a small monetary award in honor of their accomplishment.  The language arts teachers and STMS administration also  joined us for this exciting morning. Winning writers were:

6th Grade – Prompt – “Take a Stand” 1st Place: Jack Rich, 2nd Place: Luke Mueller, 3rd Place: Maddie Kay, Honors: Clyde Rypins

7th Grade – Prompt – “Technology, Good or Bad?” 1st Place: Allison Kennedy, 2nd Place Cameron Lehmann, 3rd Place: Brandon Rios, Honors Sophia Lamore

8th Grade – Prompt – “Who would be a great female candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election?” 1st Place: Casey Turner, 2nd Place: Ashley Trejo, 3rd Place: Michael Parsons, Honors: Ryan Newberger